Specific Objectives

  • Network

    Strengthen partnership among stakeholders in and between short food supply chains by creating a network for cooperation, co-creation and innovation (WP1, WP6) 

  • Solutions

    Generate innovative and practical solutions to barriers that restrict the scaling up of short food supply chains (WP2)

  • Framework

    Develop a conceptual framework for the measurement of social innovations adapted to different types of short food supply chains (WP3)

  • Recognition

    Understand consumer perceptions to promote greater acceptance of short food supply chains (WP4)

  • Impacts

    Assess the environmental, economic and social impacts of short food supply chains and their role in circular economy (WP5)

  • Platform

    Develop, operate and maintain the interactive innovation platform which will offer a range of services to key stakeholders and end-users on short food supply chains (WP6)

  • Business models

    Support the long-term viability and competitiveness of short food supply chain practitioners by proposing new business models and opportunities for agri-food supply chains (WP7)

  • Policy Recommendations

    Provide policy recommendations based on existing policies and regulatory requirements influencing sustainable food production and consumption (WP7)

  • Dissemination

    Disseminate the project findings at large following an extended exploitation and dissemination plan that will be active throughout the project and beyond as well as to ensure project’s sustainability through its link with EU wide initiatives, especially the EIP-AGRI and its Operational Groups (WP8)