Work Packages

Conceptual and analytical framework, aiming to initiate the national innovation hubs, develop the analytical framework of the 18 case studies and harmonize data acquisition.

WP Leader: ACTIA

Technological and non-technological innovations, aiming to characterise and quantify the available technological and non-technological practical solutions for short food supply chains.

WP Leader: CBHU

Social innovations, aiming to develop, apply and validate a new method for measuring social innovation in short food supply chains taking into account the engagement of society and consumer acceptance.

WP Leader: UOC

Food-related consumer behaviours, aiming to analyse the overall value perceptions of consumers with regard to short food supply chains undertaking value-based and consumer behavioural segmentation studies.

WP Leader: EUFIC

Integrative sustainability assessment, aiming to assess environmental, economic sustainability of the impacts arising from short food supply chains.

WP Leader: WBF

Innovation platform, aiming to create and implement a Joint Stakeholder Platform that facilitates knowledge, innovative practical solutions and know-how transfer.

WP Leader: IFA

Business and policy recommendations, aiming to propose better ways of utilising innovative solutions in short food supply chains and develop robust new business models.

WP Leader: AZTI

Dissemination, exploitation and communication, aiming to maximise the impact of the project’s results through effective know-how transfer to a wide range of relevant audiences.


Project management and coordination, aiming to monitor the performance of project’s activities including administrational, financial and scientific project management.

WP Leader: UHOH

Aiming to ensure compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ set out in this work package.

SMARTCHAIN partners will conduct the project by following a work flow as presented below: